Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh what a week it's been...

*Noah is 8 days old*

I know I said I would keep the blog updated, but damn - who knew how exhausted I would be between no sleep and breastfeeding and pumping every few hours...

We've been home since Sunday, and Noah is doing really well. He had severe jaundice when we were in hospital - so much so, the neonatologist was talking to us about the NICU and brain damage. He was in the Bilibed for phototherapy from mid-day Thursday until Sunday morning. They had talked to us about him not being discharged at the same time, but fortunately, his bilirubin levels were coming down consistently enough that he was able to come home with us.

We've been to the pediatrician twice since he came home, and his bilirubin had continued to come down. We can still see that he's yellow in his face, but he's definitely looking MUCH better than he did when the jaundice was at it's worst. The pediatrician and neonatologist think Noah may have the same blood disorder I do, which is called Hereditary Spherocytosis. Because it's hereditary, there's basically a 50/50 chance he has it, but it can't be diagnosed until he's a bit older. We've been referred to Children's Memorial Hospital to see a hematologist for a consultation.

I'm working on uploading some more pictures, but in the meantime, here's a link to some pictures my father-in-law took while we were in the hospital. Enjoy!!'sFirstPhotos/

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