Monday, February 16, 2009

My funny valentine

*Noah is four months old.*

Sorry for the long break in posting. Life is so super busy these days, and what little time I have for myself is usually spent cleaning or doing laundry. Or just vegging out in front of the TV (some things never change).

Noah continues to be an incredible little man. He turned four months yesterday and got his first taste of rice cereal. He was super cranky at first, but he was really hungry, so we started with the bottle and then did some spoonfuls of cereal. By the end, he was opening his mouth in anticipaiton of the spoon!

Noah also rolled over last night for the first time! He did it three times, tummy to back, and of course, no more, so I couldn't get a video. He was pushing up on his forearms and looking up at me, and I think the weight of his giant head just tipped him right over!

Saturday was Noah's first Valentine's day. It was pretty low key - mommy and Noah ran some errands during the day. In the evening, we stayed in and daddy made a steak dinner. Noah bought valentines for mommy and daddy, and got a bunch of his own from the fam.

I've been back to work for close to a month now, and it's been going well. My days are so busy, but they fly right by. I love getting home to Noah at the end of the day. I think the fact that Ben's parents are watching Noah has made the transition easier. I never really struggled with going back. I think part of me was ready to have "me time" again and get back to my old routine, but I've also never had to worry about who's watching him and if they're doing what I would want done. The beauty of family! We are so greatful for their help, and I know Noah loves spending his days with them.

I apologize for the lack of blogging, but my time is so precious these days! I feel like there is so much more to write about, but that's it for now. Gotta get ready for work!