Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday photo dump

New phone equals new abilities! I'll post more soon but for now, some photos!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Emily's Birth Announcement

First Words Pink Birth Announcement
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still need to finish the damn birth story. i don't know why it's so daunting. perhaps it's because in the moments of "down time" i do laundry, or shower, or go on facebook or pinterest instead... yes. i've become addicted to pinterest, and hope to attempt my first craft project tomorrow.

anyways, just some random thoughts.

the first few weeks with em were especially stressful for me. new baby and lack of sleep aside, not to mention adjusting to life with a energetic three year old plus a needy baby, the holidays (christmas and new years) were just not fun. i did the very best i could, but i apologize for being crabby and just plain bitchy. i had a hard time getting in the christmas spirit, but at the 11th hour, i was able to get it together, get gifts wrapped, and get excited about watching noah's joy when he saw that, yes, santa did come and DID bring him the "big truck" he asked for. (a bruder brand snow plow.) while the noise and number of people overwhelmed and stressed me out, i survived and told myself that next christmas will be fun and i'll be in the spirit 100%.

noah says and does the funniest things. lately, he's been using words that i just don't know where they come from. tonight he said "grandpa, where are you headed to?" what three year old says that? he's lately been telling me that he likes my socks. granted, they're socks i got for christmas, so they're colorful and festive compared to my normal boring, white ones. the way he talks to emily though is the best. his voice goes up an octave when he says "hi baby sister emily". it's never just "emily". it's "baby", "baby sister", or "baby sister emily". it's funny too when he tells people "that's emily", very matter of factly.

emily was 7 weeks yesterday, and the smiles keep getting bigger. i need to try again to get them on camera. i got one half smile on my phone last week, but everytime i try to snap a pic, either with my phone or camera, she stops smiling. i think the camera is distracting or confusing to her. but man, when she smiles, the room lights up. her eyes always smile first, and both her eyes and mouth get so big. her little noises are great too. they're goos and gurgles, and i really think she wants to laugh.

last night was a great sleep night. six hours straight. of course that was coming off the night before when she didn't fall asleep til about 1:30, was up again at 3:30 and 5:00, and then was up most of the day. the 5+ hr stretches are more the norm.

as for nursing, she's still doing great in terms of eating and growing, but it's driving me nuts that there's not a lot of consistency. i wish she would get on an eating schedule, but sometimes she'll go 3 hours between feedings and sometimes it's non-stop (well, every hour, hour and a half). yesterday i wondered if she was having another growth spurt. sometimes i give her the boob just to calm her down and help her fall asleep. honestly, i can't complain. there's not a lot that i got to do the "normal" way - conception, no. vaginal delivery, no. nursing noah, no. so nursing emily is really special, as exhausting as it can be and as sore as my nips are by days end. (sorry TMI)

speaking of... it's about that time again! :)