Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting on my soapbox for a minute

A few things that you need to care about...

**HEALTH CARE REFORM - contact your senators and representatives and encourage them to support health care for all Americans.

-Sign a petition:

-The Arthritis Foundation's stance:

**THE FAMILY CORD BLOOD BANKING ACT - this would allow the costs for cord blood banking to be paid using pre-tax health savings plans

-House Bill 1718:

-Sample letter to send your state rep:

-Find your state representative:


The Illinois state buget is out of control, but to solve the problem the people we voted to send to Springfield are talking about cutting funding to programs that provide services and housing for people with developmental disabilities and the mentally ill. They will cut child care subsidies that allow parents to go to school and/or work. Cuts will be made in funding for Early Childhood (3-5 year old) programs and at-risk programing. There will be cuts in the number of Department of Human Services offices and DCFS caseworkers (making their caseloads go from 15 to 50). Teen pregnancy prevention services will be cut. Services for seniors and veterans will be cut.

Illinoisians MUST contact Governor Quinn and your local legislators to let them know you WILL NOT SUPPORT CUTS TO SOCIAL SERVICE PROGRAMS. It is our duty as Americans to take care of our fellow Americans. We must support those who are too young, too old, or too ill to care for themselves. We must support working parents and people who are trying to better themselves. We must not take what we have for granted.

-Email Governor Quinn:

-Email your state legislator:

Don't be ignorant. Get educated!!

Summer = CRAZY busy

How do you know that summer has arrived??? It's when your weekends are booked through August!!! Oh my god, summer was busy enough without a baby, but now my load seems to have doubled! Things that I would feel the pressure on it the past are even more burdensome now that you add Noah on top of it.

SOOO many things going on this summer, including Marilyn's bachelorette party, Laura's bridal shower, 4th of July/anniversary weekend, Cubs games, DMB at Alpine, Amanda in town, Mar & Chris's wedding, VACATION, Julie's baby shower, Julie's BABY, Laura's wedding, Kari's wedding, Noah's birthday party ... There's something every single weekend into August, and then the baby coming in September, and then a busy October. And that's not to even mention work and helping start up the Music & Developmental Therapy program at the American Music Institute... It never ends!!


As for Noah, he *finally* started swimming yesterday, and Noah loved the water! Not that I was at all surprised - he loves playing in the bathtub. We eased into it, by first getting his feet wet and then sitting together in the shallowest part of the pool. Then we went all the way in and he loved floating! We splashed and sang songs. Toward the end of class, he was getting really tired, so we actually wound up leaving a few minutes early.

Noah has been working on his top teeth for awhile, and one finally popped through two days ago. The top middle two are working their way out too. He's doing okay, and baby tylenol DEFINITELY helps.

Noah has started trying to pull up in his crib. I'll sit him in there to put away laundry or get stuff ready for bedtime, and he'll scoot to the side of the crib to chew on the top rail and will pull onto his knees. Once we lower the mattress, I think he'll be able to pull all the way to his feet.

He's still not interested in crawling and still hates being on his tummy. He'll play on his tummy for a minute, but ultimately rolls over to his back. He spends most of his time playing in sitting though, and is really good at reaching for toys.

We're still working on sippy cups and table foods. It's going to take sometime, but he's getting better. He loves the pureed jar foods (stage 2 - we use Earth's Best), and actually put a Ritz cracker in his mouth the other day, but anything else, he's not interested. He's doing okay with the sippy cup - he'll bring it to his mouth but is inconsistent about tipping it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just the *thought* of dieting is hard...

I'm not the most motivated person with regard to diet and exercise. My home life revolves around Noah and maybe I am just making excuses, but my free time is very limited. Since I have to work, my time with Noah during the week is precious, and by the time he's in bed, it's time for dinner, and exercise is the furthest thing from my mind.

I got a reality check a week or so ago, when I had a follow up appointment with the rheumatologist for the first time since one week post-partum. I stepped on the scale and it said 157. 157. I've completely stagnated and on top of that, I've gained a few pounds since I stopped pumping. UGH. I think I got so used to eating everything I wanted during my pregnancy and while I was pumping, and now it's time to reel it back in and re-learn better eating habits.

I've gotten back into going to yoga one night a week, but that's not going to do the trick. Noah and I start his swim class this week, and hopefully now that the weather's nicer, we'll get out for walks more. The main thing is that I need to eat better - less crap and smaller portions. My goal is to get to 140 which is what I weighed pre-fertility treatment when we went to Europe in 2006. We shall see...