Wednesday, October 15, 2008

finally - progress!


i didn't sleep much last night. i got the cervidil at 7:00pm and had to lay flat on my back until 9:00. around 11:00, i got lunesta to help me sleep. unfortunately, i really only got four hours of good sleep before i started waking frequently with minor contractions. it felt like really bad menstural cramps, and my hips and lower back were burning with pain. i got another stretch of sleep (maybe an hour an a half) this morning, before the nurse woke me up at 6:00am to remove the cervidil. i took that opportunity to take a hot shower and wash my hair. i felt a lot better after that.

around 6:40, the nurse started my IVF antibiotics, fluids, and pitocin. i started feeling milder contractions that i'd felt before. it was at this point that i started to freak out a little bit.

this is really happening. TODAY.

around 8:15, dr. carroll came to check in on me. he checked my cervix, and while i suffered in pain, he told me it would be my worst exam ever. thank god it can't get worse... anyways, in the end, it was a good exam. the exam broke my water, and he said i was 3-4cm dialated and about 70% effaced (thinned).

now that my water is broken, i'm *definitely* feeling much stronger contractions. (just had one.) i'm doing my breathing from my L&D class, and for now it's helping. i'm not going to try to be a hero either - i'm asking for the epidural as soon as i think i really need it (being in mind that it usually takes a big of time for the anesthesiologist to show up).

i should mention too that the doctor said that it looks like there's meconium in the fluid, and it's probably because i'm past my due date. (meconium is the baby's first bowel movement that usually they're not supposed to make until after delivery.) the neonatologist will be present during delivery just to make sure baby's okay and hasn't aspirated, or breathed in, the meconium.

so that's where we're at for now. thanks for all the well wishes we've received. we truly appreciate everyone's thoughts being with us today! stay tuned!!


Amanda Hohimer said...

We are anxiously awaiting the news in Arizona. Baby K and Robert will share the same birthday...who would have guessed that. I hope all is well and you are all three in my thoughts today.

Amanda, Robert, Isaac and Baby Laine

jamie said...

Oh, I'm so exicted for you. Now we will definetly have to get together with all our little ones. Nick had the meconium too, no biggie. Good luck, after the epideral you are going feel amazing.

The KC Werners said...

I am so excited for you. You guys have waited so long for this -- enjoy it. You'll be holding your little man soon enough. Can't wait to hear what name you've picked out. -- Sam and Caden

Nina-SOS said...

I am so excited for you! Sending ELV's your way and I can't wait to hear the wonderful news of your son's arrival!

My DS also had meconium in the fluid. All will be fine!