Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Due-day!

*40 weeks*

Yes, people. Today is my official due date, there's no two ways about it. There was no "estimating" where this one's concerned. Our son was conceived, albeit in a laboratory, exactly 38 weeks ago today, making today my undeniable due date. I know the day's not over yet, but...

I went back to the doctor yesterday, again not expecting much, as I'm still not having any contractions and have very little in the way of pressure "down there". He checked my cervix, and still - nothing. It's closed and high. No progress, whatsoever.

I had gone in thinking I was absolutely NOT going to leave without an end date - either a date for induction or c-section. At this point, I just want this kid out! But alas, I did not win that battle. I asked the doctor for a "game plan". He told me that me and the baby are healthy and doing well, which PLEASE don't get me wrong. I am so grateful that I have had an awesome pregnancy and that this little man is healthy and strong, especially after everything we went through to get to this point. However, I am physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted. I'm am uncomfortable, restless, emotional... and never in my life have I had so much anticipation for anything. The waiting is torturous! (I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir!)

So I go back on Thursday (40 week, 2 days) for a non-stress test, where they'll basically hook me up to a fetal heartrate monitor for 30 minutes or so to monitor his heartrate and movement. If all goes well (which I anticipate it will), I'm guessing I go back on Monday (40 weeks, 6 days) for another checkup. Perhaps I'll get lucky and Thursday the doctor will finally take pity on me... I'm not holding my breath.

Here's the latest belly pic from 38 weeks, 1 day:

Yes, I'm huge.


Nina-SOS said...

There IS an end in sight. You can't be pg forever.... ;) I had my DS at 40W5D...I hope you go sooner than that!

marilyn said...

LOL, Min...you look great!!! Very serious in your picture, but great! :)

The Scientist said...

You look great! Don't worry the weight will fall off you I promise. Also, stay positive about labor. I know its hard going past your due date. The anticipation has built for 9 months and now is unbearable. Just think, most doctors won't let you go to 42 weeks (2 weeks past your due date) so there is an end to the belly!! Just think, the longer he is in your belly the more developing he is doing and the easier it will be for him and you when he comes out. Again, you can do it, just keep telling yourself that throughout labor no matter if its a regular birth or C-section. Labor is just as much mental as it is physical. And I will not tell you good luck, because mom's don't need luck...We're moms and thus by nature we are awesome and are capable of doing anything.