Friday, January 9, 2009

Some new pictures!

I was just sitting on the couch with Noah one day, a few days before Christmas, and he starts shooting me these KILLER smiles. Thankfully the camera was sitting right next to me!

Noah went to see Santa at Stratford Square Mall. Not the cutest Santa I've ever seen, but we couldn't NOT take Noah to see Santa for his first Christmas!

Christmas morning, we had breakfast and did gifts with mom, Julie, & Scott at our house. Noah, of course, was spoiled!

Christmas afternoon was spent at Noah's great-grandma's house. Here he is with his great-grandma. Of course, his tongue's hanging out...

My new favorite picture of Noah! We were getting ready to head to my aunt and uncle's house for the holiday celebration with my mom's family, and Noah was hamming it up in his carseat! What a doll!