Thursday, July 7, 2011



you know, i wish i was creative. i'd like to write something interesting and inspiring like so many of the other amazing blogs i read, but - i'm not creative. so instead, my day:

not much exciting to report today. we went and applied for financing for a new car, and as i type this, ben is composing an email or emails to toyota and/or pugi regarding negotiating a price on a car. hopefully we'll own a new car by sometime next week. until then, i'm driving my mom's jeep, which noah is happy about.

noah often likes to see my belly and say hi/hug/kiss the baby. tonight i asked him if he could tell the baby a story. this is how it went: "once upon a time, there was a boy named noah. and gigi. they liked. they went in the pool. the end." i love that it had all the components of a good story. once upon a time, main characters with a purpose, and the end. he told that same story twice, and i was caught between laughing and crying at how brilliant he is.

i think i failed to comment on how noah fell out of bed (we think) again this past weekend. at 4am on sunday morning, we here "maaa-meeee. come here. maaa-meee!" ben pops the door open and noah is standing at the door. good thing his door sticks, or he'd have probably come crawling into our bed!!

noah says some funny things these days. "that's a great idea." "we here yet?" "this is my grandma/mommy." - let me explain that last one. today at klein creek farm, he introduced the chickens to my mother-in-law, and tonight at the mall, he introduced the "guys" in the window (the headless mannequins) to his mommy, hand gesture and all. he's something, that kid.


sometimes i just stare at him in amazement that he's mine, that's he's so big, that he's so smart, and that soon, we'll have any other one who will likely look just like him. i know how lucky we are to have noah and to have this babe on the way. i try to remind myself everyday of that and to enjoy my pregnancy, since it will most likely (save for a miracle) be my last.

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