Saturday, July 2, 2011

2T energy burst??

*17 weeks*

Ben's working late tonight. He's picked up a lot of Friday and Saturday night overtime this summer, so that we can have a little extra money for baby/car/roof/whatever else might financially attack us in 2011. (The roof is a new issue. Guy's coming Weds to take a look to see if we can patch an area that is *clearly* leaking, by the obvious water damage to the ceiling in our living room, or if we have to replace the whole thing. Ben's thinking patch, but I'm afraid of what roof guy might find.)

Anyways, nights Ben works late are tough, especially if I allow myself to be confined to the house like I did last weekend, when he worked THREE late nights in a row, and I was in the beginning stages of my nasty illness. But today? Well that's a different story!

I had decided last night, and told Noah that I'd take him to Cosley Zoo today. This morning, I decided that the pool would be fun too. So Gaga came over and rode to Cosley with us, where we met Julie, Scott (sometimes called Scoot by Noah) and Grant. Noah was a bit of a terror. Doesn't help that mommy can move very fast whilst pregnant and is quickly irritated when ignored by feisty two point five year olds... It was HOT and sticky out, so we did the rounds at Cosley, and mommy, Gaga, & Noah were off to Northside Pool.

Northside Pool is a little ghetto by Wheaton standards, but I think that's why I love it. We have a pool pass this year, and have so far not been to Rice Lake. Honestly, I'll be happy spending the whole summer at the baby pool at Northside. We got there right at 12 when it opened, and like when we went on Father's Day, it was pretty dead. Perfect! We stayed about an hour, and that was that.

Now Noah's sleeping HARD while I watch the Cubs and Sox game, and text the Berger's and Zeman's to make plans for the evening. I do believe the 2T energy burst may have finally arrived! Thank the gods! I've been pretty annoyed at it for staying in hiding this past month, when there is SOOOO much to do around my house. But instead, I'll leave the mess for another day and take Noah to Taste of Lombard tonight with his friends Gigi and Anna for some tunes from my coworker's band, Modern Day Romeos.

Happy Saturday!

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foxy said...

I hear all about the extra energy that comes with the second trimester, but all I am experiencing is some newfound tiredness! I think that you expecting mama;s with little ones underfoot are pretty awesome.

take care!