Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cubs Win!!

*17 +1*

This blogging everyday thing is gonna be hard!! it's almost 11pm, post-fireworks and mama's tired... I'll keep it brief.

Last night, Ben worked late, so I decided to join the Bergers, the Zemans, and a few others from work for the Modern Day Romeos concert at the Taste of Lombard. Our coworker Justin is in the band, and I've been wanting to see them play for awhile, so I texted Julie & Amy, and it was so. Noah was a gem. I don't know if it's his age or her personality, but he's just so well behaved in those sort of setting. He knows the rules - stay close and behave - and he did. While the other kiddos were playing chase with mom and dad (who were not willing participants), Noah just kind of circled the group, and only wandered away when I asked him to go dance. He had such a great time.

Today, we went to our last Cubs game of the year - this one against the Sox - and YAY! They won!! We got there a bit late, but made it to the end of the game, and even squeezed in a short nap between the game and the fireworks. We met the Bergers and Deckers, and Steph, Richard, Brian, & Evelyn at the county complex to watch the fireworks. It was our first time since we've lived in our house that we've GONE to the fireworks. We can see most of the display from our sideyard, but since we hadn't made plans ahead of time, and I'm not a fan of watching the fireworks alone, I made the executive decision that we were going to go.

Noah has been kind of weird about the neighbors fireworks that they have been randomly setting off, and saying that he doesn't like the fireworks. I told him he could wear earmuffs if the fireworks were too loud (not thinking he'd remember I said that). Shortly after the show started he said I want my earmuffs. So, I kindly obliged.... He took them off after a few minutes but it made for some funny pictures!

Tomorrow morning - parade and BBQ!!

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