Tuesday, July 12, 2011


*18 + 3*

Yeah, so I know I said daily blogging in July.... well it started off I was tired, then I forgot, then... well, let's talk about my last few days.

Friday -
Went out for "drinks" after work and had to run an errand on my way home. Got home in time to kiss Noah good night. I think I was so tired once I sat down that I didn't even look at the computer.

Saturday -
Ben worked ALL day. He's been picking up a lot of overtime lately, working til 11pm on some Fridays and Saturdays. It's good money, but makes for a looooooong day for mommy. It was hot out on Saturday, and I contemplated taking Noah someplace fun, but none of Noah's BFFs were free, so instead I busted out the baby pool. Noah was in it for close to two hours, just splashing and cracking me up with his self-talk and one-liners. I'm not even sure what else we did Saturday, but I do know that I was planning on going to Target but my mom's Jeep wouldn't start. Change of plans - I ordered a pizza and mom and Jeff came over to check out the car. Dead battery. Long day on my own with a two year old... I think I forgot I had a blog.

Sunday -
This is when my weekend went south. We've known since we bought our house that it needed a new roof. The roof is old, original to the 1960s era house. We also knew there was some urgency because a while back we noticed a crack in the ceiling of our living room, perpendicular to the apex of the cathedral ceiling. Well, on Sunday, the crack suddenly seemed to worsen. I took a "before" picture around noon that day.

We left shortly after I took the pic to spend a few hours at Cantigny. Noah had a blast there - he loved checking out the tanks and the very cool museum that's so much better than when I was a kid. And then there was the splash pad. I wasn't sure what he'd think, but he LOVED it. He probably could've stayed in the water all day if we'd let him. We can't wait to take him back, and next time hopefully bring a picnic and some friends.

When we got home, the crack seemed even worse and we realized part of the ceiling was going to collapse. Ben moved everything on that size of the room to the other side, and around dinner time (7pm-ish), he put down a tarp and the baby pool to "catch" whatever fell when the time came. We talked with Noah about what was going to happen so he wouldn't freak out when the roof came crashing down, and around 9pm, while we were tucking him into bed we heard it.


At first it scared the crap out of me, then it grossed me out. The odor was awful - musty, mildewy, damp wood. And the ants. Blech. Big ones, little ones, coming into my house. Sick. So then Ben went about cleaning up the drywall and insulation, and taped a tarp to the ceiling to hopefully keep the ants and odor out of the house and also so we didn't have this huge hole exposed. Then reality set it. Don't forget, we were on the verge of buying a new car! Ben emailed several roofing places that night, in hopes of getting some quotes on Monday.

Monday -
I didn't sleep well that night between the gross factor, and the anguish over the cost of fixing the roof/ceiling and buying the new car (which our loan had been approved for on Saturday). I woke up to the sound of the fan going on and off and the monitor beeping - sounds which mean flickering power. And where there's brown-outs, there's storms. As soon as I became coherent, the wind started whipping and the rain started pouring down. Ben and I both ran downstairs to witness what started as a drip drip drip and became a steady stream... this explained A LOT about what had happened to our ceiling.

Later than day, our 2nd roof estimate came in (the 1st was on Wednesday before the urgency set in). The roofer said it looked like the roof was done poorly to begin with and guessed that the damaged spot had been leaking for upwards of 10 years.

Ben and I went back and forth all day about what to do - patch the roof or fix it, buy the car or a smaller car and how much money do we put down. Ben crunched numbers all day, and decided that we WOULD buy the Rav 4 and WOULD fully replace the roof.

As for the roof, we're still waiting on another quote or two, but are hoping to get a completely new roof in the next few weeks. As for the CAR, it's ours! We went Monday night and picked it up. We are going tomorrow to close on our loan, and finalize the deal.

So needless to say, blogging has been kind of far from the forefront of my mind. I'll try to do better. We have a big day coming up on Friday - our big reveal ultrasound!!

I leave you with this - a belly picture from today:

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