Friday, July 1, 2011

july challenge

*16 wks, 6 days*

last week, i thought about how i don't blog very often, and decided to challenge myself to blog every day in july. it's gonna be tough, but since i *think* the 2T energy is starting to make it's appearance, i'm gonna try. here goes:

yesterday, i picked up noah and we went to downtown wheaton to watch trains. not only that, but we stopped at starbucks, got mama a frappucino, and noah a chocolate milk, and sat on a bench enjoying the view.

today, i finally went to the doctor (general doc, not OB) because i was tired of the sinus pressure and generally feeling crappy. i made the appt late yesterday, and of course by this morning i was feeling significantly better. not 100% so i kept the appt, and kindly accepted the z-pack of antibiotics to help just the junk outta my head. hopefully i'll start getting back to normal before long so this entire weekend isn't wasted on feeling like crap!

happy fourth of july weekend!!

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