Tuesday, January 25, 2011


so first and foremost, stacy was d/c from the hospital on friday, and went today for her weekly check-up. everything is a-okay, "stable" was her word. cervix at 3.8 and hanging in there. officially, she's on a month of bedrest. unofficially, i want her to stand on her head for the next four months and keep that precious babe in. there's very little expectation of her coming back to work. the doctor probably said a month just to give her some sense of sanity. i think the reality is that the doctor is on pins and needles with the rest of us. kim and i are going to visit stac on thursday, and i think it will do me well to actually have a conversation with her and find out exactly where her head's at.

on a lighter note, noah fell down the stairs on saturday. *sigh* yeah i won mom of the year in the third week into twenty eleven. he's a big boy and can manage stairs, but i think between the post-nap haze, the beloved juice cup, and a freaking blue matchbox car, he just didn't have coordination to safely make it down the stairs... thank goodness we live in a split level, so the number of stairs he grazed is less than or equal to six. though the thud at the bottom, on the tile mind you, was deafening, only second to the scream i let out when i realized what had just happened.... but alas, he will live. i iced him with a bag of peas, only after frantically trying to reach ben and getting my mom, who came with jeff to console, er calm me down. and then julie & scott dropped grant off for the night. lovely.

noah looks like he's sprouting horns, with two big, round, blue circles on each temple. my poor babe. but on the upswing, prior to "the tumble", he told my mom on the phone "yub oo" or love you (in english). i about cried, and we've been reinforcing it ever since. the way that the whole please and thank you (pee and tank-oo) has finally fallen into place, soon yub oo will be part of daily life. :)

a few other things to note: we finally booked our airfare to AZ and i have a tentative timeline for my yet to be named IVF cycle. (i was gonna go with 2.1 but that makes me feel like then there will be a 2.2, etc and that's not in the plan.)

yes, AZ is booked - we fly late feb 23 and return on mar 1. we'll be hitting two spring training games during that time, and more importantly, will get to spend time with some very dear friends.

and as for IVF, i plan on trying to keep it on the DL IRL, but goodness knows that's a nearly impossible task for me. the long story short is that i will start the suppression component when i get my period, sometime in the next week, then i'll be on the pill (yes, THAT pill) for three weeks and will start shots while i'm in AZ. when i'm back from AZ they'll do my baseline blood and u/s and go from there with the stimulation process. all said, i hope to bring home a baby next january! :)

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TirzahJean said...

I will be praying that your IVF is a success. We're in the process of TTC and I can't even imagine all that you have gone through. Looking forward to your good news!