Thursday, January 13, 2011


in the last two weeks or so, noah has made some MAJOR gains in his speech. it's truly amazing to see! early last week, he said grandpa for the first time, and i was totally caught off guard. i asked him then to say grandma, and he did!! i was so excited! after months of my mom being gaga, ben's parents finally have names!!! the day or two after that, noah finally started calling himself noah instead of nih, and dora is now do-uh, instead of dih.

the things that come out his mouth are crazy. words that we look at each other and say "did you teach him that?" and the phrases too! watch show, one more, jump down... i mean that's just the tip of the iceberg! last night he said something - hm. now i can't remember but it was a three word phrase that ben and i just looked at each other stunned. he's really trying hard to tell us things and ask for things, and we really try to encourage him. he's saying harder words too - elephant is el fant. avacado is cowdoh. after basically no words last may besides an inconsistent mama and dada, he has come so far! and if you ask his name, he might even tell you it's noah ko-ching.

tonight he was looking at a picture of ben's grandma, and i asked if he know who that was. he said dog. i said yeah she has a dog. that's great grandma, can you say great grandma?

and you know what? he did. :)

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