Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I passed

*27 weeks*

We saw the OB yesterday for our monthly appointment. Baby boy's heartrate was in the low 140s, and he's measuring right on target. I had my gestational diabetes test and I passed! I wasn't at all concerned. They called today to say that my glucose levels are normal, but my hemoglobin is a bit low. I'm anemic - shocking. I'm chronically anemic anyways, but I have to call them back tomorrow to see what they want me to do to improve my iron levels.

We finally found a glider that we like and that Ben fits in, and we even have a coupon for it. It's the Carter's Glider & Ottoman Combo from Babies R Us.

We were all set to order it on Sunday, but of course, there was a glitch. None of the stores in the state or the distribution center in Missouri have it in stock. I find this especially annoying, because this exact chair was advertised in a BRU flyer we just got last week, and I don't understand how they can advertise something that's not even available! I did talk to the furniture manager at the BRU in Schaumburg and she put me on a waiting list, so when it comes into the distribution center at the end of the month, she'll call me so we can order it. She's even willing to honor the coupon that expires on the 24th. Yeah she will...

I have a 3D ultrasound scheduled for the evening of July 17th. We're going to Stork Snapshots in Naperville. I am SO excited to get a glimpse at what this little man looks like! I'm getting impatient, so hopefully this ultrasound will satisfy us for a little while...

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