Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Shower

*28 weeks, 6 days*

Yesterday was our baby shower, and it was awesome! I was so overwhelmed the moment I walked in, and I don't even think I was able to take it all in... The food, the friends, the games, the books, the gifts... Everyone went above and beyond, and we feel so amazingly lucky to have so many people who love us and our son so much!

I need to thank everyone who played a part in the planning and coordination of the event. I'm so used to being the party PLANNER, so I know how much work everyone must have put into the shower. I wish I could thank everyone individually, but I don't know who all did what. I don't even know what to say to my sister, other than THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It was incredible, and I can imagine how much you must have put into making the shower amazing. I hope you know how much we appreciate everything you've done for us and your & Scott's neverending support.

Sarah went above and beyond on the sweets table. It was all fantastic, and we definitely appreciate all your hours of hard work! My mother-in-law and sister set up photo displays of Ben & I as kids and our friends & family as kids, as well as Baby K's ultrasound pictures. Our friends orchestrated the Dirty Diaper game, the Who will do it? game, and the Clean & Dress the Baby game, which were all so much fun! And if you still want in on the pool (guess the baby's birth date, weight & length), it costs a buck and I'll put you down on the calendar!

Baby K made out with a LOT of goodies, and Ben and I spent most of last night going through everything and taking it all in! We went through all the books, and believe it or not, there were only one or two duplicates!! I was shocked! Now we just need to get this kiddo a bookshelf for his new library!

We ordered Baby K's crib and dresser today from Pottery Barn Kids and will hopefully have it by the end of the week! I'm super excited! I think we're going to go ahead and buy the crib mattress this week so we can set everything up when the furniture arrives. We also heard from Babies R Us last week that our glider came into the distribution center and will be in the Schaumburg store in 7-14 days! Woohoo! It looks like our nursery may *finally* start coming together.

Today, Ben & I are just hanging out. Like I said, we ordered our funiture, and I think we may make a run to Target & maybe BRU today. I think we're going to use our plethora of Target giftcards to buy our carseat & stroller. Plus, we have a 10% off coupon to Target!! We're also hoping to see The Dark Knight today, thought it's almost 1:00 and neither of us has showered yet....

Thanks again to everyone for everything! We are the luckiest mommy and daddy-to-be!

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