Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ultrasound Pictures and more!!

*21 weeks, 5 days*

So as you all know, we finally had our *big* ultrasound last Saturday! We finally got the scanner hooked up again, so it's picture time!! (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

His head is on the left, and his hands are in front of his mouth. It looks like he may be sucking his thumb! Already self-soothing in-utero... excellent!

The money shot!! That's his butt on the left, with both legs sticking out. The arrow points as his quite obvious boy parts! There's no doubt in our minds that he's a boy!

His legs are on the left, and his arms and head are on the right. It looks like he's looking at the camera. He's already hamming it up for the camera!!

Ever since the ultrasound last Saturday, our little man has been moving like crazy! Woohoo! Finally. I kept thinking I was feeling thinkgs, and now I know for sure he's moving. I don't know if maybe the noise of the ultrasound waves have him a wake up call or what, but it all started Saturday night. It's continued just about every night since, and even on Friday during the day! It's so awesome!

Last weekend's painting project is complete! The office/spare room looks freaking awesome! Ben did a great job. It's a blue gray color, and all the trim looks fresh and clean. We bought a new computer desk, which Ben set up on Friday night, and hopefully tonight or tomorrow we'll finish loading in the room so we can start getting the nursery ready! I'll post a picture of the room when I get a chance.

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