Thursday, June 5, 2008

Barack Obama

*22 weeks, 2 days*

Tuesday was a big day. Not only did it mark my being 22 weeks pregnant, but it was also the day Barack Obama clinched the democratic nomination for president. It's no secret how much I adore this man or that I've supported him wholeheartedly from day one. But on Tuesday, I was quite emotional about it, and maybe it was the hormones, but it was truly a historic day that I will never forget.

As Ben & I sat watching his speech, I kept rubbing my belly and thinking about what it might mean for my son's future if Barack is to become president. Everyone says they want a better world for their children, and I guess it was sort of an epiphany moment for me.

I want a better world for my child, and I think Barack Obama can give me that.

I became emotional as he spoke and my little boy moved inside of me. I told the baby - "Today is an important day, and when it comes time to vote for president, it will be a very special day because you and mommy are going to go vote for Barack Obama together."

My son will BE HERE by election day, which in and of itself is crazy, but it will mean so much to me to take him with to cast my ballot. It will be something he will never remember, but I will let him know that he was there and he was a part of something amazing.

I am over the moon that Barack is our candidate, and I am beside myself in awe that a black man will be president. It gives me hope for this country, which is not something you will hear me say often. He gives me hope, and I am so excited to see what the next five months have in store!

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