Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day

*12 weeks, 6 days*

Remember I said I was going to try to blog more frequently. Here's an attempt.

Today was Opening Day - Baby K's first Cubs game!!! Yay! Yes it was rainy and wet, but I was remarkably comfortable for the entire game. It rained on the walk from the car to the stadium, but I was smart and brought the umbrella, so I stayed dry. We sat in the upper deck, so even during the rain delay, we stayed dry. The temperature was so mild and the winds were even pretty mild. It was a long day - I don't even know how long the rain delay was - but even though there wasn't any scoring until the 9th inning, it was a fun game. As always, it's so awesome to experience the very start of the baseball season after having waited for what feels like an eternity for it to finally start! I'm so glad baseball's back!

Baby's first Cubs Game!!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) marks 13 weeks, and I begin my 14th week and second trimester! I can't believe these first roughly three months have flown by so quickly. It's crazy how fast time flies, and it's even crazier to think I'm growing a person (now about the size of a fist) inside of me. It's moving and it's heart is beating, and I just think the entire thing is remarkable.

On Sunday, my mom, sister, and I went to scope out a possible location for the baby shower, Riverside Receptions in Geneva. Julie had been in talks with the people there for awhile, and on Sunday we got a tour of the place. It's such a cool building, and when we saw the River Room - right on the Fox River - we were sold! So... *Save the Date!* ~ Sunday, July 20th at Riverside Receptions!

After visiting the shower site, we stopped for breakfast at Corner Bakery and my mom surprised me with an appointment for a manicure! I've been saying for weeks that I needed a manicure, so I was thrilled. After that, we stopped into the Motherhood Maternity at Geneva Commons and picked up a few cute items. I ordered some maternity pants tonight from Gap - they have Long maternity sizes, so I decided to splurge a little and get something I know will fit. Some of my pants still fit, others - not so much. I looked a the band thingy at Motherhood (which is sort of like the top part of pantyhose that you wear around your tummy so your regular pants still fit), but I thought it looked uncomfortable, so I took a pass.

Happy 2T to me!

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