Monday, March 10, 2008

Gross, gross, and gross

*9 weeks, 6 days*

Well, let's see. I'm constipated, my back hurts so much I feel like I can't breathe, and I actually fell down the stairs last week (I think it was Thursday night). I actually just slipped down the last three steps so it was nothing really bad. I was stepping over Toby, and my pregnancy clumsiness just knocked my feet out from under me. I hit my back on the stair pretty hard and it scared the bejeezus out of me, but I survived. My back actually didn't hurt the next day. I just had a weird bruise on my middle finger...

My chronic back pain, I've learned, can be attributed to my chest and not my arthritis. Apparently, the pain will likely worsen proportionate to the size of my boobs. Great. I see the doctor on Wednesday, and I'm *definitely* asking when it's safe for me to get a massage (or ten). I could probably get a prescription from my Rheumatologist to help with the back pain, but I don't want to be on drugs if I don't have to during this pregnancy. Well, save for the epidural. That sucker WILL be my best friend!

I'm still having just the occasional nausea. I find that I usually feel queasy in the car once I start moving. Usually water and a protein bar or similar snack helps. The other day (last Friday maybe?), I was feeling REALLY queasy still by the time I got to work. I had an early meeting that day, so I was up much earlier than usual, and I pretty much attributed the more extreme nausea to my body being confused by the change in schedule. I havne't vomited yet (YAY!), though on Friday, it would have made me feel so much better. It finally passed after about an hour at my desk eating Saltines and chugging water.

I am feeling fat right now. I'm not *showing* showing by any means, but my not-so-flat-to-begin-with stomach is starting to look a little beer-belly-gut-ish, and it makes me feel gross. I sort of feel like people look at me and whisper to each other "Man, I hope she's pregnant......" Everyone keeps saying, "YOU'RE PREGNANT!" and I know, I *really* shouldn't complain. I just feel gross. I think I'll feel better once a baby belly pops, and I can wear maternity tops and actually look pregnant, not just make people wonder...

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Anonymous said...

You'll soon enough be in those maternity clothes and you really will feel WONDERFUL! As for the boobs hun, just know that pain comes and goes and you weren't very small chested to begin with so look out DD's! Or bigger!! I am so happy for you and find great happiness reading your blog knowing how exctied you are.