Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A quick note

*9 weeks*

So I forgot to mention in my blog yesterday, I got some new bras over the weekend. (I know, probably TMI for some of you guys. Oh well.) They have made a WORLD of difference in both the pain in my chest and in my back. I was wearing these stretched out, crappy old bras that barely did their job, so these new (bigger) bras are such a welcome change to how I feel.

I also wanted to say that I didn't forget that I said we'd put tummy pictures up. Ben hasn't uploaded them to the computer yet, but I think I want to wait anyway until you can actually see some changes, cuz otherwise, I just look kinda fat. Soon enough, I'm sure, I'll have something to show off. ;)

I'm also trying to find what I did with the pictures of the little goodies that I gave to Ben when I told him we were pregnant. I know they're here somewhere, and when I find them, I'll post them.

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