Saturday, March 29, 2008

Loud and clear

*12 weeks, 4 days*

Thursday (12w2d) was our first OB appointment with Dr. Carroll. The plan was for my mom to meet me at the office, because the appointment was at 11:45am and Ben wasn't going to be able to make it. The doctor's office had called the house on Wednesday saying they had an earlier appointment if I could make it in. Well - we didn't get that message until after they were already closed, and I guess I kind of got my hopes up that we could get in earlier so Ben could go with. So, of course when I called the office when it opened, the earlier appointment was no longer available, and I was really upset that Ben wasn't going to be able to go with after all. Ben knew I was upset, so I was beyond happy when he called later and said he'd talked to his boss about it, and his boss said he could leave for the appointment. Thanks boss!!

The appointment was actually a lot longer than I thought it would be. Of course, we waited awhile, and once it was time, I went in and gave some background info, peed in a cup, and got weighed. After mom & Ben came in, it was *finally* time for what we've all been waiting for!! The heartbeat!! No ultrasound today, just the doppler, but it was totally awesome. I didn't have the "oh my god", break-down-in-tears moment I have heard other people say they've had - I laughed! I guess it's what I do - I laughed when we saw the baby bouncing around in there, and like I told Dr. Carroll, I laughed when Ben proposed! My mom did the crying, so at least there were some tears shed. :)

Dr. Carroll said the heartbeat was in the 150s - exactly where it should be, so that was great news. After the doppler, he talked about what to expect over the next 7-8 months, in terms of appointmnents and just pregnancy in general. He talked to us about genetic testing (NT scan, triple- & quad-screens, and amnio) and told us we'd have to let him know at the next appointment if we want to have any testing done. I don't think we will. My thinking is "what's the point"? I guess if something was wrong it would give us time to process and grieve, but it doesn't mean we wouldn't keep the baby. So, ehh. The only thing I asked to be tested for is CMV (cytomegalovirus), which can cause severe birth defects, and there is a possibility I could have been exposed to it at work, though I seriously doubt it.

On another note - sorry there haven't been more updates! For one, we've been without internet for a few days. For two, there hasn't been much going on, aside from constipation and my pants starting to not fit. I didn't think you all would want to hear me whining about how I'm not regular anymore or about how one of my favorite pairs of pants is now out of the running indefinitely. Now that the doctor's appointments will be fewer and farther between, I will be better about updated, even if just about life in general.

Opening day is Monday - baby's first Cubs game!! It's going to be so cold and yucky, but I can't wait! I'm so excited that baseball is back!! Go Cubbies!!

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Kathy said...

WOW - that was amazing!! I fell in LOVE all over again!! When I heard my grandbaby's heartbeat I just swelled with tears! I am so proud of Mindy and Ben!! You will make awesome parents!! I'm kinda diggin this grandma thing already!!