Tuesday, February 5, 2008


*We're 5wks today!*

RPS is the online community's abbreviation for "real pregnancy symptoms". I'm still feeling generally pretty normal, but today my back is KILLING me. It's a weird sort of back pain that I don't think I've experienced before, so I'm thinking it's a RPS. On the other hand, I stopped my arthritis meds as soon as I found out last week that I was pregnant, and I've been surviving on tylenol alone. This weather would normally wreak havoc on my body - what, with three big snows in under a week - but I'm pretty sure this back thing is not my lack of meds. I am actually feeling a lot better without meds that I had expected. From what I've read, the pregnancy hormone is supposed to reduce inflammation during pregnancy, therefore putting arthritis into remission. I'm HOPING that will be the case for me, but this sore back is making me wonder.

Other than that, still not really feeling pregnant! It occurred to me at one point today that the thought "oh yeah, I'm pregnant" didn't really cross my mind this afternoon, and suddenly I was like "oh yeah! I'm pregnant!" It's really the weirdest thing. I hope it feels more real when we go for the ultrasound on Friday, and I'm sure it will. I'm super excited to see the image of what will be our bean, our baby, but I'm a little nervous to see how many of what will be... A bunch of the ladies on my message boards are thinking twins because my hormone levels are pretty high compared to the norm. If that is the case, it would be fluke identical twins, since we only transferred one embryo. I guess we'll find out soon enough!!

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