Saturday, February 16, 2008


*6 weeks, 4days*

Yesterday we passed another hurdle - we saw the baby's heartbeat AND the baby! It was the coolest thing! The baby looks like a little blob, but you can totally see that it's there now! The ultrasound (u/s) tech said everything's measuring as it should, and from the picture, you can definitely tell the sac is growing. The heartbeat was just a little flicker on the screen, but it was clear as day. The u/s tech said that usually it should be 100bpm, and it was "in the 90s" which she said was fine for six and a half weeks. She didn't see concerned, so I'm not letting myself be concerned. We go back on Wednesday for another ultrasound, so hopefully the heartbeat will be even stronger.

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I asked my nurse Gabby how long they keep me for monitoring before releasing me to my OBGYN, and she said until 8 weeks. 8 weeks seems so SOON! I signed paperwork for them to send my records to the OBGYN I was seeing before the IVF started, Dr. Carroll, but now I'm not so sure. I like that it's easy to get in to see him because he keeps a small practice, but what happens when it's time for me to deliver or he needs to take a vacation the week I'm due?? I guess I need to research my options, and make a decision FAST!

I think Ben and I have decided that we're going to share our news with the world (or at least our friends and extended family) around 8 weeks. Thank goodness, because I really didn't think I could make it to 12 weeks with everyone asking questions and knowing what's been going on. I hate lying to people, especially about this. When parent's on my caseload ask if I have kids, I hate saying "we're trying" - NO, WE'RE NOT TRYING, I'M PREGNANT!!! It's so frustrating. And I really hate lying to my co-workers and my closest girlfriends. It's killing me!

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