Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting ready to go public!

*8 weeks*

I've been feeling pretty good lately. Still freaking tired all. the. time. Oooh man, the exhaustion has been kicking my ass. The queasiness comes and goes. The idea of beef makes me feel yucky, and last night the mushrooms Ben was cooking smelled awful to me, so I had to pass.

We're on our way to *finally* being publically pregnant. I set the wheels in motion on Sunday, when I emailed the girls, saying "let's get together next Sunday" claiming cabin fever, boredom, la la la. It worked like a freaking charm. Maybe they're on to me, which wouldn't surprise us at all, but there were about 30 emails in my box by the end of the day Monday from everyone going back and forth, making arrangements, and ultimately deciding on a Saturday night get-together at Roxi & Neil's in Plainfield. I threw my two cents in Monday evening, and then today I had another almost 30 emails in my box! Everyone's super excited to be getting together, and we're desparately trying to peer pressure Andrea to come up from Champaign...

Ben and I are taking weekly photos of my tummy, which wasn't exactly flat to begin with, but we wanted to document the changes. Last week was our first photo shoot, and we'll do it again tonight, and every week, on the week (just so we can remember to do it). I'm not seeing or feeling tummy changes yet - my pants still fit, though I do need a new bra, but that's another story... But I can't really "suck it in" the way I used to be able to. I feel kind of full and sort of constipated all the time. I'm not constipated, but I just feel like I am, if that makes sense... Anyways, hopefully I'll post my tummy pics from weeks 7 and 8 soon!

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