Monday, February 7, 2011


so last week i had my first session of acupuncture at eastern healing in wheaton. i have read for years about the benefits of acupuncture for fertility, and have seriously been considering doing it for several months. only recently did i get the motivation to actually do it, and i think finding out that an associate attributed her clomid pregnancy to it.

i went last week for the initial consult and treatment. we talked a lot about my history, both medical and fertility. we talked about my routines, diet, lifestyle, etc. it's hard to have those conversations, because i'm a pretty lazy person. there's no exercising here, and while my diet's not TERRIBLE, it's not great either. i realized that i could really benefit from making some dietary changes, but changing my lifestyle, especially when ben is my cook, will be challenging.

anyways, the needles aren't the bad part. actually you can barely feel them. what is hard for me is lying still for 45 minutes. i get muscle cramps, dead leg, itchy ear, crick in my neck.... and it's kinda scary to move with needles stuck all over. i try to relax and let myself go, but i'm not quite there yet. i hope i get there because i want to use the time not only as a treatment for my fertility issues, but also as a mental escape. which is hard, since i'm a thinker with A LOT on my mind lately, but it's a goal.

that said, the starting point is one session a week for a month, then decreasing to every other week, and then bumping it to two times per week the week before and of retrival... at $70 a pop, it's not cheap, but my logic is 70 bucks times maybe 8 sessions - if it does what i hope it will - is a HELLLLLL of a lot cheaper than paying for an IVF cycle(or cycles) out of pocket.

which, on that note, has begun. last thursday i started my three week birth control pill suppression, and off we go. my meds will be delivered on saturday, and assuming all goes well, i hope to be pregant by the end of march. *fingers crossed*

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