Monday, May 26, 2008

It's a boy!!

*20 weeks, 6 days* ~ Happy Memorial Day!

After getting canceled AGAIN on Friday (the 23rd), we finally had our ultrasound on Saturday morning, and there's no mistaking, IT'S A BOY!!!! I finally cried at the doctor's office. Just seeing that little boy in there, moving around and showing us that all of his parts are developing perfectly, I had to breathe a sigh of relief and shed a tear of joy on the table. It was such an awesome experience. The doctor pointed out everything, and I could see everything he showed us. Four chambers of the heart, two halves of the brain, diaphram, spine, ribcage, eyes, nose, mouth, full tummy, legs, feet, arms, fingers. Well, and of course, the penis. :) He (our son, not the doctor) had his hands up by his face, and the doctor commented that maybe he was trying to suck his thumb. He looks perfect! I think he is going to look like Ben. He's measuring a bit big - the measurements move my due date up to the 4th, but I take that with a grain of salt because I think our kid is just going to be long, like his daddy. What's weird is that I swear I felt his moving like crazy on Saturday night. Did it take the ultrasound to get him moving? I haven't felt anything since, but I was pretty sure I was feeling him! We have SO MANY pictures from the ultrasound that I can't wait to post, but the scanner is currently out of commission because of this weekend's big painting project. I will post them absolutely as soon as possible!

There was no way that this long weekend was not going to be productive. Saturday night we went to Home Depot and bought the paint, and we spent literally *all day* Sunday emptying and prepping the former computer room. If you've been to our house and seen our computer room, you can imagine what an undertaking it was to empty it. It was sort of the "junk" room, for lack of a better term. There was so much crap in there to sort through, throw away, and organize that the majority of Sunday was spent unloading that room. Today, I've been staying out of Ben's way while he paints the trim and will hopefully get to the walls before the end of the night. I spent the day in the yard with my mom weeding. Thanks again mom! My house was looking pretty white-trash-ville with the amount of weeds and overgrowth in the gardens.... it's MUCH better now.

I'm hoping the painting project can be finished in the next few days after work so that we can hopefully load that room in next weekend. Load in means combining two rooms into one, as the computer room will remain an office, but will also be the spare bedroom to make way for the nursery. Slowly but surely, people! We think we've figured out a place for the furniture that we have between those two rooms. We definitely need to invest in a smaller (ie. narrower and shallower) computer desk that will fit better but still accomodate the entire computer.

So if next weekend is load in, I'm hoping the following weekend will mean registering for everything this little man needs. Time is of the essence because I'm pretty sure shower invites will be going out in the next few weeks.

It's never boring around here these days!

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