Monday, May 12, 2008

guess who we get to see on friday??

*18 weeks, 6 days*

Today was my monthly OB appt, and everything looks good! My blood pressure is right on (and has been consistently thankfully), I gained 2 lbs since last months visit (not bad), and baby's heartbeat was in the 140s. I asked the doctor if it was normal for the HB to go down (it was 160 last month), and he said at this point, it's normally between 120 and 150.

The big news is that we FINALLY got to schedule our ultrasound for THIS FRIDAY! WOOHOO!! After going back and forth about finding out the sex, I'm totally on board now, and I really just can't wait to see little Baby K for the first time in what feels like a freaking eternity!! It's been about 9 weeks since my last ultrasound at the REs office, and i'm dying to see what baby looks like!

I did a ton of shopping over the week. Bought myself a bunch of new clothes and a few things for baby, as well. Once we find out the gender, I sure the shopping will get a little out of control... I can't wait!!

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