Friday, August 10, 2012

summer of 2012

holy crap, the summer is nearly over, and i have major mommy guilt that i suck at blogging. if facebook statuses could be converted to a baby book, i'd be golden, but otherwise, i hope my kids never ask me about their firsts because i'm terrible at documenting these sorts of things. *sigh* i need to get over it, because emily's almost 8 months old now, and life's too short to worry about writing stuff down.

the long and short of our summer... we have kept busy as we always so in the summers with play dates, parties, cubs games, concerts, etc. emily currently has six teeth. two top middle, two bottom middle, and one top/one bottom on her left. it's cute/weird/annoying to me that her teeth aren't coming in evenly. whatev. as long as they all show up eventually, right? she started sitting totally independently somewhere between six and seven months, and ON seven months, she started doing babbling "dadadada" and "wawawa". in the last few days, we are pretty sure she is trying to say kitty (though she generally squeals when she sees the cats), my mother-in-law thinks she's saying hi, and i think she might have waved at some kids at the doctors office today... she's not crawling yet, but it's close. put her on her tummy or butt, and she either pivots or scoots, and can DEFINITELY get to what she wants. she will rock on hands and knees, and it's about time to lower the crib cuz if we sit her in there, she grabs onto the side of the crib and you can see those muscles tightening, as she tries to pull herself up. she eats like a freaking rockstar, so unlike her bro. every kind of baby food, but also puffs and crackers, i've given her bits of chicken and pasta. she loves food. she is still nursing like a champ. my goal of nursing to a year (or beyond) is in sight, and i'm so proud of both of us. her sleep is still somewhat inconsistent. she is very recently (like the last month or so) FINALLY getting more normal naps during the day, and her nighttime sleep is day to day. last night she slept 10:30 to 7:30, but other nights she's up at 3, 4, or 5 (for example). i'm pretty used to it after 8 months of NOT sleeping through the night, but i would like to get my consistent 8 hour stretches back, no doubt.

noah is growing like a weed. 41 lbs and 41 inches at our hemotology appt the other day! he did two different tee ball programs this summer. the first was a six week, 2 and 3 year old class that worked on the basics, kind of an intro class.  the second was another six weeks, but for 3 to 6 years olds and met two days a week.  they broke into teams, got shirts and hats and PICTURES, and played legit games.  noah's skills came a long way during these sessions.  his hitting, throwing and running have drastically improved.  he also took a saturday morning group swim class, and it helped him better enjoy the water, though he is still pretty timid in the water and has a long way to go.  (though he DID go down the water slide at my friend's pool a few weeks ago, which blew my mind!)

he is loving the london olympics and loves pretending to do every sport that comes on.  he is very excited about piatt lake and has been sharing with us his memories of the cabin and the lake, and tell us the things he is looking forward to (playing in the sand and water, sleeping in the cabin, and driving therenokay. right.)  he is loving being a big brother, though he sometimes forgets his own sttrength, but he adores emily and he is her world.  it is quite evident that NO one trumps noah in emily's eyes.

hopefully i can blog again soon.  noah is starting preschool on the 23rd so i'm SURE i'll have something to share.  :)

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