Saturday, July 24, 2010

big talker

so noah's talking more and more everyday - today he was HELL BENT on "go"ing somewhere. he stood by the door to the garage, pulling the handle and saying "go" "go" "go".

he's saying "more" pretty consistently to ask for things. he says yo-yo for yogurt. dig-ger is pretty clear now, and every yellow construction truck is a digger to noah. he says "hee haw" for donkey. he says "yeah" and "no" meaningfully. last week on monday, i got a text from ben saying that noah was saying "mo jjj" for more jello on numerous occasions. i have yet to hear a two-word phrase myself, but i've been trying to encourage it.

it's just great to hear his voice and his wants, and i can't wait to hear his thoughts and stories...

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