Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who knew?

*37 weeks, 5 days - only 16 days to go!*

I've heard the complaints about the last few weeks of pregnancy, but I swore that once I got pregnant - after everything - there wouldn't be a single complaint out of me, and I think I did a pretty good job of sticking to that.

Well, that was before I hit right around 36.5 weeks...

I have SUCH guilt for my complaining, when I have dear friends who are still struggling to conceive. I am so grateful to be pregnant, albeit in such an uncomfortable - strike that - miserable place at this moment. My son is growing inside of me, which still freaking boggles my mind. And he could be here at any moment!!

But in the meantime, blech! My belly hurts - I feel like my skin might rip right off. My hips, knees, and ankles are succumbing to the added pounds. My back aches all. the. time. I am chronically uncomfortable, and I don't know how else to explain it. I want him out!!

I talk to him every day and tell him how much mommy and daddy and his furry brothers want to meet him (well, at least mommy and daddy do). I ask him what he's waiting for and what I can do to bribe him to come out. I promise hugs and kisses and lots of love from lots of people. But I got nothing. People keep saying "he'll come when he's ready". Well, what about me??? I'm ready now!


Nina-SOS said...

You have done a good job of not complaining, and yes, you are entitled to! It is uncomfy at the end. But you will forget all of that the second you lay eyes on your son. And then you will realize how tired you are....and how you miss the kicks....and it was so much harder than when you were pg! LOL! Enjoy these last few days!!! ;)

marilyn said...

Aw...don't feel guilty Min. I could only imagine what you're going though! Isn't this supposed to be called like a good pain, or something like that? I don't know....just trying to help. :)

The Scientist said...

As I went a full week overdue I know how anxious you must be feeling. Trust me, I too tried to bribe Adie out of my belly. I also tried spicy food, swimming for an hour a day every day past her due date, and long walks. After all my hard efforts to induce labor by being acitve, go figure, my water broke when I was taking a nap.