Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the latest

*21 + 3*

so daily blogging in july was a failure. all i can say is i'll try stay consistent at least!

so what's the latest news with us:

over the weekend, noah FINALLY started jumping. not a huge deal to most parents, but he should've been able to jump ages ago. he's been getting physical therapy 2x/mo for his strength and coordination, and the thing that made me get the eval in the first place was that he wasn't jumping. so understandably, a big deal.

he's also been using some funny words and phrases lately. that's a bummer, wait, accident, problem, just a minute, i mean. the other night i was talking to him about his behavior and at the end of my spiel, he said "do you understand me?". i think he meant he understood, but it was pretty funny.

on saturday, noah and i went with the bergers to silver beach in st. joseph, mi, and noah had the time of his life!! he did awesome and LOVED his tube. we leave in a few days for piatt lake, and i have a good feeling that noah is going to be a fish all week!

yesterday and today, the roofers were here. they showed up unexpectedly yesterday morning- we weren't expecting them til saturday! but it wound up being a 2-day project, so i'm so glad they were able to come early, and now our roof is done!! it looks SOOOOO much better.

baby k has been moving like crazy ever since my ultrasound. i forgot how much i love that feeling!! this pregnancy is going well, but it is getting more and more different from with noah. i have major sciatic nerve pain by the end of the day every day, and while i was constipated with noah, this time i am having major cramps and it sucks.

other than that, t-minus four days til i'm done with work and vacation starts! we leave in five days for the lake!

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