Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yesterday, Noah turned two and a half and pooped on the potty twice. Wow.

I'm in awe everyday of him. How smart he is. How funny he is. How inquisitive he is. How polite he is. (Please, Thank you, Welcome, Love you.) Don't get me wrong - he has his moments. He's in a kind of bossy stage. "Mine" is a new familiar word. Time outs are becoming a routine occurance. But I always remind him that he is a good boy. (He just needs to learn to listen and not to throw toys, his two downfalls.)

We're looking forward to the weather turning to summer. Last weekend, we went to Klein Creek Farm with Gaga and Brookfield Zoo as a family with Auntie Juty, Uncle Shott, and Gigi, Amy, Mike, & (Noah's IL girlfriend) Anna. The weather was lovely, and we all got sunburned at the Zoo. This week however has been another story.

We are looking forward to lots of fun things this summer, including a recent decision to join Amanda, Robert, Isaac, & Laine for a long weekend in the Wisconsin Dells in August. I think the Dells just Ben, Noah, & I might not be so much fun, but with the other kids, I think Noah will have the time of his life! On top of that, there's the annual trip to Piatt Lake in the UP of Michigan, a few Cubs games, a few concerts (Ray LaMontagne and Brandi Carlisle for mommy & daddy, and New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys for mommy & auntie), and surely numerous playdates and visits to the playground. We're also planning on getting a pool pass, and I'm thinking of enrolling Noah in a dance or gymnastics class.

It's gonna be a great summer with my TWO AND A HALF YEAR OLD!!! Seriously? I can't believe how quickly time goes...

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