Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello my name is Mindy...

...and I'm a caffeine addict. :(

When I was in college, I was SUPER addicted to Pepsi. I can't tell you how many I'd have per day. It was embarrassing. Right before I got married, I switched to Diet Pepsi, and still had probably 6-8 a day. SO, when we started trying to get pregnant, I realize I had to kick my caffeine addiction. Addiction is totally the word because I would get headaches when I didn't have it. A can of pop would knock it right out and I'd be on with my day.

I went cold turkey, and within a week, no more headaches. I switched to caffeine-free Diet Pepsi, as I still had a soda addiction and couldn't give it up COMPLETELY.

So fast forward to the birth of baby Noah. Before Noah, I enjoyed my caffeine free pop and decaf White Chocolate Mochas or frappucinos at Starbucks, and the *occasional* caffeine spiked beverage. But once he was here and we were getting 2, 3, maybe 4 hours of sleep at night, I became a regular morning coffee drinker. I would feed the baby while Ben made the morning brew before leaving for work. I became dependent on that morning coffee, and on the days I didn't get it (and even sometimes when I did), Noah and I would take a trip to Target to shop and hit the Starbucks... (By the way, Target carts *really* need cup holders...)

Again, fast forward to the present. I've been back to work and the daily grind for awhile. Most mornings, Ben makes coffee but if he doesn't or if I need to leave before he makes coffee, I find myself NEEDING it. I was going the grande route for awhile, but now I need a venti for it to do the trick! UGH!

On the upswing, my addiciton now is different than three years ago. I don't get the headaches, and I don't need it throughout the day. I still only drink caffeine free pop, unless of course I'm out and can't get it. But anyways, the moral of this story is that my maternity leave caused a readdiction to caffeine...


On the Noah front, his cold has finally subsided. Still the occasional cough or sneeze, but we did go to the doctor on Monday and he confirmed it was just a cold - no ear or sinus infection, thank goodness. We ran the humidifier and propped up the mattress and it seemed to do the trick.

Noah LOVES being outside. Now that the weather's nice, I'm so excited to get out more with him for walking and outings. I got home early from work yesterday and took him for a long walk and then we played in the grass while waiting for daddy to come home.

Speaking of daddy, his 33rd birthday was this week. We had a low key day, but will probably do something fun to celebrate on this LONG weekend. Yay for Memorial Day - I get a three-day weekend AND get to spend two of those days with both my boys!

We are going to go look at flooring this weekend. We got a quote for labor to put hardwood in our main level of the house (through the kitchen, dining room, living room, and entryway). Now we just need to get the flooring and rip up the carpet and we'll be good to go! The house has been in royal disarray since Ben painted back in mid-April, so I'm eager to get the new floors in and get things back to normal around here!! It's going to be beautiful when it's done... but until then...

Check out this video of Noah. He's teething pretty bad, and I think his goofy tongue made it feel better... I don't really know because there's no rhyme or reason to when he does this...

It cracks me up every time!!


The Scientist said...

I second that Target carts need a coffee holder. I mean how are us moms suppose to shop, drink our coffee, and coral our children in the shopping cart. Our so precious Starbucks needs a safe place. I too, am dependent on my a.m. coffee. And now with being back to work some days I have one cup at home and then walk to Starbucks for grande something or other in the afternoon. Moral of my story, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

JBB said...

Oh my goodness - he is so funny, and so so cute at the same time!! Love it!!