Monday, March 30, 2009


I've been thinking about posting for about a week, but everytime I think of it, I'm either too tired or totally go blank on what I was going to write about... I've got a little of both going on right now, but let me try and do a Noah update (in absolutely no particular order):

*We have been feeding him cereal for about a month and a half, and he's doing great. We've done rice, oatmeal, and mixed grain cereal. Just yesterday we introduced his first veggies, peas - not my favorite - but he seems to enjoy them.

*He is rolling over inconsistently. I think I've only seen him go back to tummy once, but he has definitely found his feet, and I see more movement in our future.

*We met with the neurosurgeon at Children's last week, and he said everything's just fine. He said that Noah will probably grow into his head between 9 and 12mo. He'll never be ON the growth chart, but he'll make his own nice little curve parallel to it...

*The day we went to Children's was insane. They were TWO HOURS behind, so it turned into a loooooooooong day, but poor Noah was a trooper. We got home that night, he ate, and went to bed at 7pm and didn't wake until morning. Usually he would go to bed between 9 and 10, but I've been reading that he should be going down between 6 and 8. We've upped his bottles to 7 and 5oz each (depending on if he gets it with cereal), and now he only gets four bottles a day (and solids twice a day). He's gone to bed before 8:00 and slept the entire night for four nights in a row now. Fingers crossed it sticks...

*TMI alert: I am weaning from the pump. I've been pumping 4x/week since I went back to work in late-January. My goal was to make it to 6 months, and I think I will. It's been a slow process, but I now pump 3x/day and have dropped about 8oz. I have about two months worth frozen, so hopefully I can draw it out a bit and give Noah breastmilk until he's 9 months old.

*Noah loves to talk and laugh. He's a screamer too! Sometimes he'll just be laying there (usually on the changing table), and he'll screech! There have been times that it's definitely scared the crap out of me!

*He's in size three diapers now and has been since we went to Arizona. He's starting to bust out of his 6mo clothes, and I had to order a few pair of 9mo pants because most of his 6mo ones are too tight in the belly.

*Speaking of - he weighed in at 19lb, 3oz last week at Children's!!!

I'll post more pictures soon. He's getting so big! It's truly amazing how quickly babies change. He's such an awesome kid. We are the luckiest people in the world!!

Coming soon in the month of April:
*Julie and I are going to Champaign this weekend to see New Kids on the Block at Assembly Hall!!!
*Easter with the fam - just wait until you see Noah's Easter outfit!
*Katie GRADUATES!!!!!
*Alma softball at Wheaton College - represent.

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Teach said...

I will be at NKOTB too! My friend has our tickets, so I don't know what section. We'll have to be on the lookout!