Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good blood = pink baby

*Noah is one month old today!!*

We spent the ENTIRE day in Chicago yesterday at Children's Memorial for his blood transfusion. We left the house at 7:15am and got home at 6:00pm. I think I slept three hours that night to top it all off, so when we got home, I was spent. Fortunately, little man let me sleep a bit last night!

Anyways, when we got there, they started an IV right away and took some blood to type and cross. It took about an hour for the blood to come down, and then they started the transfusion. The transfusion itself took about four hours, and then they sent us on our way.

Noah was SUCH a champ during the whole thing. He was so brave when they gave him the IV and barely fussed all day. Everyone loved him - he was definitely the littest one there, and probably the healthiest, thank god. So many of the other kids there were getting treatment for cancer, sickle cell, and other things like that...

We're doing good, and it seems like he shouldn't need another transfusion, but only time will tell. This website explains it better: - basically, kiddos don't start producing red blood cells until 6-8 weeks of age, but because of Noah's blood disorder, his body is destroying his RBCs too quickly, resulting in the anemia. We go back to see the specialist to follow up and have more blood work done on Dec 4th.

Thanks so much for everyone's support and well wishes! It means a lot to us!

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The Scientist said...

Glad to here Noah was such a trooper. Hang in their mom. You are doing great.